Arg Karimkhan is in the center of Shiraz. This was built in Zandiyeh period and after Karimkhan Zand chose Shiraz as his living place and the Capital of Iran, It become the popular as Arg Karimkhan.There were some damages to Arg Karimkhab In Pahlavi period since it was used as a prison. In 1972 this […]

Vakil bazar complex at Shiraz is related to the Zand period and It’s located in Shahrdari square at shiraz Close to Karimkhan.This place is registerd at July 8th 1972 at the registration NO 924 as one of the national works. Vakil Bazar at shiraz by Jean Diulafova The Vakil Bazar in Shiraz is one of […]

The garden, as well as the three other famous gardens, the Garden of Eram, Delgosha Garden and the Garden of the Tree, during the period of Al-Muzaffar and Al-Injou before the attack of Timur Gurkani to Shiraz, was at its best time and developed. Ibn Arabshah, the historian of the Timurid period, referred to Zaynat […]